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The Office of the Public Advocate provides information about:

  • the Guardianship and Administration Act 1993
  • the Mental Health Act 2009
  • the Advance Care Directives Act 2013
  • the Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Act 1995, and
  • related topics.

If the information you are looking for is not available here, please contact our Information Service on 8342 8200.


Easy Read Information

Some of our most commonly asked for information is now available as an Easy Read Information Sheet. Please click below to download a PDF copy:

Consent to medical or dental treatment EASY READ

Guardianship and the Public Advocate EASY READ

Informal arrangements EASY READ


** More Easy Read Fact Sheets coming very soon! ** 


New! Fact Sheets

Our newly-updated Fact Sheets are all about what the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) does, and how we can help you. Click the links below to download the relevant PDF.

Administration Orders Fact Sheet

Advance Care Directives Fact Sheet

Applying to SACAT Fact Sheet

Consent to Medical Treatment Fact Sheet

Decision-making Capacity Fact Sheet

Dispute Resolution Service Fact Sheet

Decision-Making Documents in Aged Care Settings Fact Sheet

Enduring Power of Attorney Fact Sheet

Guardianship & the Public Advocate Fact Sheet

Guardianship Orders Fact Sheet

Informal Arrangements Fact Sheet

Information Service Fact Sheet

Restrictive Practices & Special Powers Fact Sheet

Special Powers (or Section 32 Powers) Fact Sheet

What is Mediation?

What is the OPA?


OPA Complaint Policy 2020