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Promoting the Dignity and the Worth of Peoples

Annual World Social Work Day 2015 Breakfast

Australian Association of Social Workers SA Branch.

17 March 2015, Adelaide

This presentation considers the link between upholding human rights and the delivery of quality services. Particular areas relevant to adults at-risk are considered: the prevention and elimination of avoidable coercion and restraint, and the equal recognition of all persons before the law. The link between upholding human rights and the delivery of quality services by organisations is considered.


A rights based approach for the planning of mental health services for the prison population

2013 Annual Congress of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law, Adelaide.

November 2013

The presentation considered the concept of equivalence in service provision, as it applies to planning prison mental health services.

Also discussed, is the application of the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment to prevent restraint of people with disability and mental illness, and the risks of harm in the use of maximum security solitary confinement (22 hours per day in a cell). The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has called for a prohibition on the solitary confinement of persons with psychosocial disabilities.


Supported Decision Making: A Case for Change

QUT Health Law Centre and Queensland Advocacy incorporated.

June 2013.

This presentation considers the actions we can all take to implement Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It also puts forward a population based model to implement supported decision making.

Unmet Need for Adults who experience Autism Spectrum Disorders

Disability Information and Resource Centre

April 2012. 

Powerpoint slides. This presentation considered the need for an Autism Plan that links services across government, and the need for proven interventions to be available.


Advance Care Planning and Decision Making

Aged and Community Care Inc Seminar

7 December 2011

This presentation considers who can make which decision. It also reviews the use of the best interests principle and the substituted judgement principle.

Eliminating Abuse Presentation

SA Branch of the Australian Disability Professionals Meeting

June 2011

Powerpoint slides list rights based actions to prevent and respond to abuse of people who are at risk because of a disability.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: A rights based model to prevent and respond to elder abuse

Day Conference organised by Aged Rights Advocacy

June 2011

Presentation on a rights based model to prevent and response to elder abuse, linking it to concepts of personhood and person centred care used in gerontic practice.

(For the complete project report see the Adult Protection tab on this website)


Supported Decision Making in Australia

Victoria Office of the Public Advocate

December 2009


Life without Barriers Mental Health Breakfast

Life without Barriers

September 2008


Community Visitors Schemes for Disability Settings

South Australian Council on Intellectual Disability Annual General Meeting

November 2008


Occasional Articles

Easy Read National Guardianship Standards

In 2016 the Australian Guardianship and Administration Council (AGAC) finalised the re writing of the National Standards in easy english.

Eliminating restrictive practices in disability settings

Published in medicSA July 2011 Volume 24 Number 6


Gaps in forensic services for people with mental illness or disability

Published in medicSA May 2011

This article considers unmet need in forensic mental health inpatient care. The issues described in this article continue in 2014. It should be noted that since the date of publication of this article a new 10 bed step down unit (Ashton House) has been commissioned, and a new 20 bed acute unit with a modern design is being built at Oakden (James Nash House). This will be expected to commence operating in April 2015, increasing the acute bed number to 50 beds.


Your Right to Know:  Consumer and Carer Participation and Involuntary Mental Health Care

April/May 2011 mifsa news, the Public Advocate addressed this topic.


New Mental Health Act: a view from the Office of the Public Advocate

The full edition is available at Health Consumers Alliance website  Click Here


Elder Abuse: a hidden wrong

Published in medicSA October 2010 Volume 23 Number 9