Disability Advocate

The Disability Advocate

The South Australian Disability Advocate is a role which was established in November 2018 and sits within the Office of the Public Advocate.

Dr David Caudrey is the Disability Advocate. 

His role is to:

  • ‘ensure’ that South Australians with a disability and their families, are getting a good deal from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)”.  

  • identify systemic issues with the NDIS

  • advocate to address these systemic issues to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and the State for change.

The Disability Advocate writes regular reports on a range of topics.


To access the Disability Advocate reports, please click on the links below.


Current Consultations

September 2021 - Safeguarding for People with Disabilities - Discussion Paper (pdf)


Annual Reports

 Disability Advocate Annual Report 2020 (docx)

Attachment 1 - Disability Advocate Annual Report 2019 (docx)

Attachment 2 - January 2020 Monthly Activity Report and attachments (pdf)

Attachment 3 - NDIS A Cast of Players (docx) 


Safeguarding Taskforce

July 2020 - Safeguarding Task Force Report (pdf)

July 2020 - Safeguarding Task Force Report (Easy Read) (pdf)

September 2020 - Safeguarding Task Force Supplementary Report (pdf)


Submissions & Consultations

September 2019 - Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS (pdf)

July 2020 - NDS Consultation Submission from OPA & Disability Advocate (pdf)

September 2020 - NDIS Support Coordination Submission (pdf)

February 2021 - Disability Royal Commission - Safeguards & Quality OPA & DA submission (pdf)

Febuary 2021 - NDIA Consultation papers - Access & Eligibility (pdf)

August 2021 - Submission – NDIS Consultation Paper - An Ordinary Life at Home (pdf)

October 2021 - Submission – National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment Bill 2021 (pdf)

February 2022 - Response to the Joint Standing Committee - Inquiry into the future of the NDIS (pdf)

Reports and Issues Papers

January 2021 - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people - Report (pdf)

Febuary 2021 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and the NDIS - Report (pdf)

August 2021 - Children and Young People and the NDIS - Report (pdf)


Student Placement Reports

Restrictive Practices Essay (pdf)

Law & Justice Internship Essay (pdf)

Can Disability Support Service Providers Organise Access to Sex Workers for Their Clients? (pdf)


Individual Advocacy

As noted above, the Disability Advocate addresses systemic advocacy issues.

For your convenience we have listed the current advocacy agencies in South Australia who may be able to assist with individual advocacy issues.

The current list can be accessed here. 


Contact the Disability Advocate

You can contact the Disability Advocate by --

Postal Address:
GPO Box 464

Street Address:
211 Victoria Square

Telephone: 08 8342 8200
Toll Free: 1800 066 969 (Country SA)
Facsimile: 08 8429 6121
Email: disability.advocate@sa.gov.au