Every year in September, the Office of the Public Advocate partners with the Office for Ageing Well, the Legal Services Commission of SA, and DonateLife SA, to tell South Australians about “planning ahead”.

Our aim is to help you – our community – to speak for yourself, and to make your wishes clear.

If you’re over 18 years old, and you can make your own decisions, then there are documents that you can complete now, so that if there is a time in the future when you can’t make your own decisions, the people around you will know what to do.

A message from the Public Advocate

Advance Care Directives webinars

As part of Plan Ahead Week, the OPA are giving information about the different documents available in our state. We want you to feel confident about filling out an Advance Care Directive, and a Power of Attorney, and appointing someone you trust to make decisions for you if needed.

This is speaking for yourself and making your wishes clear – taking the time to write down your values and beliefs - the things that are important to you regarding your health, accommodation, personal affairs, and finances.

This year, we are launching a short series of webinars to engage the community around Advance Care Directives, in particular. Our aim is to give information, empowering you to go ahead and complete your own documents, as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions about your own “planning ahead” pathway.

You can join us on:

  • Thursday October 13 @ 1pm
  • Thursday November 17 @ 1pm
  • Thursday December 1 @ 1pm

Click here to receive the webinar link via email.

We want more South Australians to plan ahead, because we see every day how it helps your friends and your family to make the decisions that you would make for yourself, if you’re not able to make them.

We’d love to see you there!