Learn about Supported Decision-Making

As part of the Living My Life project, a number of video resources have been developed for organisations and professions to help you better understand supported decision-making.

Watch the Supported Decision-Making video series

Free online resources

  • LaTrobe Support for Decision Making Practice Learning Resource - This free learning resource is about support for decision-making. It presents the first evidence-based framework to guide you through the process of supporting people with cognitive disabilities to make decisions. Using this framework will help you to enable the people you support to exercise choice and control in their own lives.
  • Enabling Risk: Putting Positives First - A free online learning resource developed specifically for disability support workers
  • Introduction to Supported Decision-Making - This training has been designed as continuous professional development activities for Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, but also suits people working in the mental health and human services sectors, people with lived experience, carers and family.
  • My Health Information (for when I go to hospital) - A free resource from SA Health designed to help support people with an intellectual disability when they need to go to hospital. The document, once completed, will help hospital staff to understand important information about the person with intellectual disability and how they can be best supported.

How did we get here?

Over the last ten years there has been an increased focus on alternatives to formal substitute decision-making in Australia.

In 2014, the Australian Law Reform Commission recommended changes to Australian laws so that they comply with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

This includes recognising all adults, including those with a cognitive disability, have an equal right to make decisions, and adding supported decision-making as an alternative to substitute decision-making.

Currently, the Public Advocate is appointed by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal when a person who needs to make an important decision for themselves is found to have a ‘mental incapacity’.

However, we also recognise that good decision support can change a person’s capacity in relation to their decision-making. For example, help to understand information and support to think through options and consequences.

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